Best Free Tv Streaming Apps 2019

Do you love watching unlimited TV Shows, Serials and Movies?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to reveal some best and free streaming apps. These are the best apps when it comes to watch live and free streams online and offline. If you enjoy watching movies, then these apps are best for you.

Lets dive right in, I will explain about every app in a brief detail and will mention its PROS and Cons. You can install these apps on your Android, Tablet and PC.

Best Free Tv Streaming Apps 2019


So the first app is Tube and it is a very popular app around the globe when it comes to free streaming apps. This app has eye-catchy interface and a user-friendly navigation. You can use this app on your Android Phone, Tablet and PC. It is specially designed for Android and Tablet, this app works on PC, but the problem is, it is designed for mobile devices, so it works faster on mobiles as compared to PC.


    • No need of Sign up, you can watch movies as a guest and you can also make an account if you want.
    • Every movie is uploaded at once when it is released.
    • You can search for those movies that are not available on Netflix are available here.
    • Every movie is high quality, but some movies have not good results.


  1. Ads appear for a short period of time like 5 to 10 seconds, but you can watch the video completely after seeing the ads.
  2. There is a restriction enabled for Asian countries users in some videos, only USA and Canada users can watch every video they want.
  3. You can also but their premium option just watch on their website it is very amazing without ads.


This is the 2nd and the most popular app in the whole United States. If you love watching unlimited movies, then this App is best for you, it was banned in USA, but now it is live again. The best part of this App is, updates roll out after a month and if there is a problem in previous update, they resolve that issue in the new update.

The interface of this App is User-friendly, both mobile and desktop users can use this app in a good way, it is designed well for PC and Mobile.


  • 24/7 Content accessibility.
  • If you like any video, you can download it and then watch it offline.
  • Every new movie or drama that is released, gets uploaded in less than no time.
  • English subtitles option is available if you want to watch movie in subtitles.
  • Every movie genre, release date and other information is given separately.
  • Free to use, every video on this app is 100% free.


This is not a legitimate app, copyrighted content is posted on this app and thus this app gets banned for a short period of time.

Ads are shown sometimes, but when they update this app, the ads disappear.

Sony Crackle

This is the only App that works on every device like Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, XBOX 1, XBOX 360 and on every other device that has a capability of installing the Apps and watching streams.

The interface of this app is designed separately for every device, like if you are using this App on XBOX, the XBOX interface is different, but when you will use this App on your Android, the interface will be different, every device has its own look.


  • Unlimited and endless list of movies with release dates and genre
  • All movies have captions and there is also an option of either enabling or disabling the captions
  • Works on every device that is available in the market
  • No need to fill any billing information and sign up, you can watch every movie after opening this app


Ads appear in every video, you cannot skip the ad, you must have to watch the ad before watching the full video.


We can call this app a free and paid app because of its interface. There is a separate page titled “Free” here every video is free and it contains ads. You can use this app on Android, Chromecast and iPod.

All you have to do is to open this App and then open the “FREE” videos section, there you can search your video that you want to watch, if its available then continue.


  • No need of sign up and logins, you can watch it as a guest and if you want to make an account, then you can also make it.
  • New movies are added within a week or 2.
  • No time is required to watch free video, separate page is made of free videos, where you can search the desired video.


Free movies that avoid copyright infringement are removed

Ads are shown on every free videos

It doesn’t works on wide screen devices like PC, Play Station series and XBOX series


This is the last app that I am going to mention and this is a good resource for free users. This app works on almost every device including Android, Amazon Kindle, Apple TV, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad Touch, Samsung TV and XBOX series.


  1. Every section of videos is separate, like “KIDS” page is separate, “TV Shows” videos are in another page, we can say every video is mentioned under a perfect label.
  2. Popular movies are featured on the right sidebar.
  3. New movies page is included where every new movie is published.


  • Ads appear, but the ads are short as compared to other apps
  • Apps get crashed while watching any video
  • So these were the 5 best free streaming apps that I have mentioned about.

As you can see I have mentioned each and everything about theses apps, its PROS and Cons, its interface and the usage.

Any questions? Feel free to ask inside the comments section of this website.

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