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This essay is for  class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th 11th and 12th. We write it in simple English it will be very good for readers to understand this article.

Essay On My Hobby 100 Words Short

It is for class one, two and three.

My hobby is playing cricket. I love cricket bat. My mom’s bought bat for me on my birthday. Its price was 500 RS, but it was the best gift in my life.

After, completing my homework I go to the ground and play cricket. My favourite cricketer is Virat kholi. He is one of the best and dangerous batsman ever in the history of cricket.

I love to play this game daily and want to be a great cricketer like Virat sir.

Essay On My Hobby 150 words

It is for class four, five and six.

My hobby is being a superstar. I started acting in one of the best academy in Mumbai city. My institute’s name is Krishan academy where my teachers trained me.

The owner of that organization is Krishna sir who made great actors in Bollywood industry. He has guts to train his students. He is very loyal with all his students. His techniques are awesome to train all of his students.

His institute have many branches in all over India. He is one of the richest man in our country. One day I will also be superstar of Bollywood and then, I will support all poor people. To supporting poor people were my dream from childhood.

I saw many of my neighbours are extreme poor they cannot buy food for them. So, I decided in my childhood one day I will do something big for them.

Essay On My Hobby 200 Words

It is for seven, eight, nine and ten class

My hobby is to be a doctor. Doctors get many chances to serve people in their life. It is my dream to help poor and to serve humanity. I got 90 percent marks in my 12th class.

So, now I will give entry test where I will be selected as a doctor’s student if I will pass the test. There are many doctors in all over the world who are taking costly fees from patients.

I think it is a wrong decision because my elder brother is a doctor he is charging only one dollar for every single patient. He said doctors need to serve patient they don’t need to make money from them.

My brother said to me if I will die it is my request to you never charge more than one dollar to any patient. I know one day you will be a great doctor so I promised my brother I will never ever charge amount more than one dollar.

I will not take fees from poor people because they do not have a lot of money. Nowadays doctors are beast they are treating their patients very badly, but government should take action against these types of doctors.

My brother made a big hospital I will do job there because I don’t want to work with any institute where they charge patient high fees.

Doctors should treat their patients friendly and treat every patient like he is treating with his family. If you are good at this profession, then you are the hero of your city because people respect this profession.

Essay On My Hobby In English 10 lines

  1. My hobby is to be a police officer.
  2. Police officer can protect people from gangsters.
  3. They have lot of authority and respect in the eyes of people.
  4. Everyone want to take selfies with police officers.
  5. Every police officers are not wearing uniforms because some are in special forces.
  6. It is very dangerous for officer because many times gangster shoot them.
  7. Some guys are using their power to get advantage of peoples from this job.
  8. I will always humble to people will not harm anyone without any reason.
  9. Government gives gun to their officer for protection of people from gangsters.
  10. Government is paying very good salary to their employes.


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