Free Guest Posting Websites List 2019 That Will Rank Your Site

Free Guest Posting Websites List

Hi friends I am going to share one the best guest posting websites that will rank your website in few days. Actually I am going to cover this article with complete information on topic guest blogging. Many peoples ask me different question for this topic so I decided to write a complete encyclopedia in this article.

Many reader from our blog ask same question again and again How can I do guest posting? 

Here is answer the list I am going to share with you below just go on their blogs and contact them on their contact page or write for us page. You need to write an article according to heir demands means some blogs accept 500 words unique article and some need 2000 words content.


The competition was normal for that keyword, but It was enough to check the power of guest blogging website. So now we are going to share the blogs and sites that accept your posts and backlinks. 


We have made different categories for you people according to your niche so take this and start building your own empire.

  1. Games
  2. Seo 
  3. Hotels
  4. Tech
  5. Health

Gaming Blogs List

Games guest post blogs

As we know that there are million of gaming website owners who want to make backlinks for their websites, but they don’t know how to find them.

Sitename DA(Domain Authority) Alexa Rank 49 77k 26 400k 64 11k 82 12k 59 65k 10 3000k 26 900k 91 952 64 5556


These are some great video games website where you can make backlink for your website. If you will get 5 backlinks from any of them I bet you will ranked in top on any keyword targeted.

Why Should I Guest Post

This is one of the best question that many people asked from me I was also seo consultant on different forums and also a member on There are many beginner bloggers who are too much confused because they know different techniques of making links like comments blogs, directory submission and web 2.0.

So they are asking me why we should go for this instead of them because they are easy and It is very difficult to get post from big blogs.

Friends This is true that the most difficult way to get backlink is this strategy of posting some topic on some one blogs and getting link to your site. Because every blog have some rules and post structures so I will also tell you how to get approved for every post.

So now come to the point that why we should you need to post on these high authority websites.

  • Because They already have good traffic.
  • They have good da and good pa that can also give boost to your domain authority and page authority.
  • They have number of great backlinks especially from big sites like forbes, nytimes, wikipedia etc.
  • They have also good reputation in the eyes of all search engines like google, yahoo and bing etc.
  • They will also give traffic to your website.
  • These websites will rank your keywords that will double your blog traffic.
  • When your visitors increased you will get higher earnings.
  • You will also get free article writer on your blog after your site users will increased.
  • Many companies will contact you to promote their products on your website.
  • You will be the also king in the market all other big wolves.

Seo Blogs For Guest Blogging List

As we knows that make money online blogs are the most demanding websites ever so I am also going to give some good blogs that have good authority in the eyes of google.

Sitename DA(Domain Authority) Alexa Rank 80 plus 18k 63 100k 52 66k 40 53k 45 300k
The sem post 50 100k
Pro blogger 40 47k
Income dairy 50 98k
Online income teacher 48 200k


If you know any other popular blog that is accepting free guest posting please let us know in comments.

What Are The Best Blogs For Guest Posts

I am going to give this answer in simple words. If you have offline pets shop and it is new so how you will get customers? 

The answer is simple you will build your shop near  your competitor so search engine also works like this means if your niche is gaming. You must make backlink on games blog to get powerful backlink in the eyes of google.

Google loves relevancy so always you need to get links from same blogs of your category for higher rankings in search engine.

Hotel Blogs For Guest Posting

Hotels Guest posting websites list

This list will help you if you have restaurants and motels website it will help you for making quality backlinks for your website.

Actually people want to get links to increase their website traffic as we know that more traffic will give us more customers. That is why I made this list for you people I will also tell in one section how to find these types of blogs for you in google.

Does Guest Posting For Backlinks Really Work?

 Last month I got an email from one of my reader and he asked me this question that is why I am going to share my experience about this question.

I made a website its age was only seven months so I decided to rank a keyword in google and its competition was high. The competitors for that keyword in google search engine was too hard so it was very difficult to take my keyword to 1st page. 

Because mostly have high domain authority and great alexa rank as compare to my website. Then, I start making links slowly slowly I was making 1 link after 3 days and article was about 1000 words for every article pointing to my money website.

After, 30 days serp update’ post was at 3rd page of google so then, I decide to make some more links. I made about 29 links in 3 months and my kw got ranked in google 3rd position on 1st page of search engine in just 3 months.

So, I think now you get guest blogging really works I have ranked too many keywords with same strategy. 

  Tech Guest Post Sites

Technology blogs for guest posting

Now I am going to share technology guest post submission blogs and bloggers are always looking these types of websites. Mostly bloggers have technology blogs that is why its demand is too high as compare to all other sites on internet nowadays.

Blog Name Da Alexa 45 62k 40 500k 35 200k 50 50k 75 11k 45 800k 92 1k 90 1.5k 40 37k


Health Guest Post Submission Sites

Health guest posting websites list

Here is list I hope you will enjoy it.


If any one of you wants to add its website please put it in comments with category only free guest posting will be approved.


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