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Hotel one murree is one the most famous organization in this city. If you are going to compare this motel with any other you will see a big difference according to quality and all other aspects.

Hotel One Murree Review

1st of all I want to tell you I am not the owner of this hotel or not any promoter. I am just writing an article to tell you about my opinion. I visit different areas and different hotels to write reviews on my website for your people according to my experience.

Parking Free
Wifi Free extreme fast
Clean Room Ratings 10/10
Bathrooms  10/10
Balcony Pretty View
Bar Available
Contact Number 03136774783


Hotel One Murree Pictures

Now we are going to show you some random images from this great organization you may like them.

Hotel one murree pictures

Hotel One Murree Booking

You can book online just by calling us on our number 03136774783

We made our online transaction systems so easy any kid can book in few steps just call and get your reservation.


  • 2 Guest room price = 7000
  • 4 Guest room price = 14000
  • You can also visit an other organization pine top hotel murree by clicking on it.

Location Of Hotel One Murree

It is located near mall road murree we are going to show their map location just click the below button you will get google map location.

Click here for Map

Amazing Points

  1. Staff is number one as compare to all other big hotels in this city.
  2. Free breakfast of high quality.
  3. Mini bar is very cool you can enjoy according to your desires.
  4. Phone is available for free services.
  5. Variety of different rooms you can choose according your desires.


If we are looking at its over all ratings I am going to give them 10/10 because their level is at peak so I can’t get them 10/9.5. If you ever want to visit this beautiful valley just visit this pretty motel if you want to live like luxury.




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