Telenor Internet Packages 2019 Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Telenor internet package 2019

Today we would be informing you Telenor Internet Bundles including Telenor 2G internet bundles, Telenor 3G internet Buckets and Telenor 4G internet packages overall the usage type be it daily, 3-Day, weekly and Monthly including Prepaid and Postpaid. These all bundles are 100% working and activation method is easy to understand. Telenor is one of the top Network providers in Pakistan is providing Mobile internet services over all the 2G, 3G & 4G Bandwidth. You can also subscribe to other network Internet Packages which are mentioned below.

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All Packages

  • Telenor Daily Internet Bundle
  • Telenor 3 Day Internet Bundle
  • Telenor Weekly Internet Bundle
  • Telenor Monthly Internet Bundle
  • Telenor Social Internet Bundle
  • Telenor 4G Internet Bundles Data Sim

Telenor Daily Internet Package

 This package is the most demanding as compare to all other offers because many of the students using it on a daily basis. The people who cannot offer all other offers due to lack of money they are using this. I also use it six to seven times whenever I do not have much money in my pocket.

Package Name Volume Freebies Duration Price Activation Code
4g daily lite bundle 50 MBS No 24 HRS 12 *12#
4G Daily Bundle 75 MBS No 24 HRS 15 *345*131#
Telenor Social Pack 50 MBS No 24 HRS 1 *5*311#
Telenor Good Time Offer 200 MB & 50 MBS For Facebook 10000 On Net Minutes Valid for 2 hours except 6 Pm to 9 Pm 6 *345*20#
Telenor raat din 3g/4g Bundle 1.5 GB 24 Hrs from 12 am to 12 pm *150#


Telenor 3 Day Internet Package

It is different from daily bundle means its volumes and all of its codes plus rates are different from all other packages.


Package Name Volume Freebies Duration  Price Activation Code
3 day Sahulat Offer Bundle 50 MBS Internet 100 MBS Social 250 On net, 25 Off net minutes and 250 sms 3 Days 40 RS *5*3#
3 Day all in one offer 150 MBS 150 On net Minutes, 15 off net minutes and 150 sms 3 days 30 RS *345*210#
4G 3 Days Package 200 MBS 200 Mb & 200 Mbs free for fb 3 days 42 RS *32#

Telenor Weekly Internet Package

This is the cutest internet package ever by telenor as compare to ufone and all others. In life some people have no time for daily activation so they can use this bundle any time to enjoy their entertainment.

Offer Name Volume Duration Price Activation Code Freebies
Super Dhamal Internet Bundle 5000 MBS 7 Days 150 Rs *946# No
Mehran Internet Bundle 3000 MBS & Rs 50 balance for calls and sms 7 Days 120 Rs *620# No
Dhamal Internet Bundle 2000 MBS 7 Days 85 Rs *812# No
4G Weekly Bundle 750 MBS 7 Days 75 Rs *72# No
4G weekly Super 2000 MBS & 500 mb for social extra 7 Days 100 Rs *288# No
4G Weekly Ultra 5000 MBS & 1000 Mb for social 7 Days `140 Rs *336# No
4G Weekly ultra Plus 10 Gb & 2 Gb for goonj app 7 days 225 Rs *225# No
Weekly All in one offer 4000 MBS, 150 telenor minutes, 50 Rs for all networks 7 days 160 Rs No
4G Weekly Internet  Unlimited Package 2500 MBS 7 Days { 1 am to 7 pm daily} 85 Rs *345*144# No


Note: These offers are only for talkshak and dejuice users. If you are not then 1st convert your offer then you can use this package

Telenor Monthly Internet Package

If you want to use your internet 30 days all the month because of any reason gaming like pubg or any social app, then I will recommend you just go for this package.

Package Name Volume  Duration Price Activation Code Freebies
4G Monthly Package 9000 MBS 1 Month 500 Rs *303# no
4G Monthly plus package 10000 MBS 30 Days 750 Rs *345*136# no
Monthly Data offer 2000 MBS & 1000 Mb for free social networks 30 days 170 Rs *301# no
4G Monthly Starter bundle 4000 Mbs & 4000 mb from 1 am to 7 am 30 days 250 Rs *302# no

These offers are only available for prepaid users.

Telenor 4G Internet Packages (Data Sim Packages)

Telenor offers some devices with their own unique packages that are not available for regular Sims you have to buy special data Sims for these packages. 

Package Name Volume Duration  Price Activation Code
12 GB 3 Months Bundle 12 Gb 90 days 1000 Rs *345*2003#
4G Monthly Value 150 GB 30 Days 3800 Rs *345*1003#
4G Monthly Smart 85 Gb & 100 Gb for nights 30 days 2200 Rs *345*1002#
4G Monthly Lite 36 Gb & 100 Gb for night 30 days 1500 Rs *345*1001#
4G Monthly Starter 15 Gb 30 days 750 Rs *345*2002#
4G Monthly Budget 9 Gb 30 days 500 Rs *345*2001#


If anyone of you want to ask any question please ask in comment section we will give your answer asap.

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