Ufone Internet Packages 2019 Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Today, I am going to tell you about Zong Internet Packages and this is my promise after reading this my article, you will be satisfied. These all bundles are 100% working and today we are going to take a look at Ufone 3G,4G Data Bundles. Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) or Ufone is Pakistani is a Pakistani cellular service provider. If you are Zong Users so you can also check out daily, weekly and monthly  Zong Internet Packages.


  1. Daily Internet Bundles
  2. 3-Day Internet Bundles
  3. Weekly Internet Bundles
  4. Monthly Internet Bundles
  5. Ufone Social Internet Bundles
  6. Subscription Detail and Additional Information
  7. Terms & Conditions

Daily Internet Bundles

Ufone Daily 3G Internet Packages 2019

Ufone has introduced daily 3G internet bundles for Ufone Users for Prepaid users. This method is very simple and easy to subscribe to your favourite packages. Following are some Prepaid daily 3G internet bundles.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Subscription Code
Special Daily 5 50 MB (Social Network, 500 MB) 1 AM – 9 PM *3461#
Daily Light 10 40 MB (Social Network, 500 MB) 1 Day *2256#
Daily Heavy 12 2 GB 1 AM-8AM *550#
Mega Internet 15 75 MB (Social Network, 500 MB) 1 Day *2258#


3-Day Internet Bundles

Ufone 3-Day 3G Internet Packages 2019

There is also a 3-Day 3G internet bundle are available. These all bundles are already checked and 100% working. Ufone providing you best internet bundles with the lowest price with high-speed bandwidth.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Subscription Code
3-Day Package RS 25 100 MB (Social Network, 500 MB) 3 Days *3350#


Weekly Internet Bundles

Ufone Weekly 3G Internet Packages 2019

Ufone introduced new internet bundles in 2019 and these all bundles are working. Here is the listed all Ufone Weekly Internet bundles with subscription code and price also mentioned. This is a very simple method and easy to activate on your Mobile phone.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Subscription Code
Weekly Light RS 50  250 MB ( 2 GB for Social) 7 Days *7811#
Super Internet RS 100 1.2 GB 7 Days *220#
Weekly Internet Plus RS 150 3 GB 7 Days *260#


Monthly Internet Bundles

Ufone Monthly 3G Internet Packages 2019

If you want to subscribe Monthly Internet Bucket so here are the listed monthly packages so active your favourite one bundle and enjoy this one.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Subscription Code
Monthly Light RS 250 1 GB ( 2GB for Social) 30 Days *7808#
Monthly Heavy RS 500 3 GB ( 2GB for Social) 30 Days *803#
Monthly Max RS 1000 10 GB ( 2GB for Social) 30 Days *5100#


Ufone Social Internet Bundles

Ufone Social 3G Internet Packages 2019

Ufone also offers Social Daily and Monthly Prepaid internet bundles for free usage on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. These methods are very simple and easy to subscribe on Ufone Prepaid Customers.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Subscription Code
Social Daily Buckets RS 5 N/A I Day *4242#
Social Monthly Buckets RS 50 N/A 30 Days *5858#


Subscription Details & Additional Information

Dail *3# from your 2G/3G enabled handset and after applying this code so choose your favourite Internet Buckets.

  • After the completion of Internet Buckets Volume,  Extra charges will be done according to the default tariff i.e RS 2.50 Per MB at a charging plus of 512 KBs on the usage of 50 MB then you will get 150 MB free till Midnight and So on
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 Hrs every day.
  • If you want to check remaining Data, so Dial * 707#

Terms & Conditions

Ufone Internet Packages 2019 Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions for Ufone Prepaid 3G internet bundles, all of these are necessary for Ufone User so read this one before activation of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet packages.

  1. All Packages are valid for prepaid Customers only.
  2. Subscribe any Buckets by dialling *3#.
  3. Dial *706# to check remaining buckets.
  4. Dial *707# to check remaining Social Data Buckets.
  5. You can’t subscribe to multiple Buckets at the same time.
  6. Just Weekly 3G Package is allowed for Multiple Subscription
  7. All daily internet buckets are recursive, buckets can be unsubscribed by dialling respective un-subscription codes.

Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages

Ufone Postpay Internet Packages 2019

Ufone also offers 3G Postpaid internet packages for Ufone Postpay users. Ufone is always caring Postpay Customers at any moments. They are not offered ant Daily and Weekly internet buckets. They are all offered only Monthly Internet Buckets. These packages are just for Postpaid not for Prepaid Users.

Packages Name Price Volume (MB) Subscription Code
PrimePlay 1000 RS 100 1000 MB *323#
PrimePlay 3000 RS 250 3000 MB *434#
PrimePlay 6000 RS 500 6000 MB *656#
PrimePlay 10000 RS 750 10000 MB *989#



These all internet bundles packages are tested by us all of them are 100 percent working. If you have still any problem in any package please ask us in comments we will do our best to solve your problem thanks in advance. We need your appreciation for your help don’t forget to say thanks in comments it will motivate us.

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